Tuesday, 22 May 2012

(16) Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian

Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian
Rick Riordan

Rating: 9/10

I know this book is probably aimed at a younger audience but I absolutely love this series! Don't worry if you've seen the film and hated it; the books are at least one hundred times better.

The series follows Percy Jackson after he finds out he is one of the sons of Poseidon and slowly learns of the Prophecy that could make or break the Gods.

All of the books are in quite a similar format so are somewhat predictable but I still thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. The characters feel real and it's nice to see a book where the main character seems to incur negative effects from practically being a modern day super-hero. He is labelled as being ADHD and dyslexic and frequently gets thrown out of schools for all the trouble he causes. It REALLY annoys me when writers pretend that the events in the book would have no impact on day to day life for the character. If you had monsters chasing you all the time concentrating in class probably would be pretty difficult..... (Rant over. Sorry!)

Anyway..... These books are very easy to read and get into. Some of the techniques are clever (Demi-God's just happen to see what is going on with their enemies while they are dreaming, hence keeping up to date on their progress. That's handy!) and the battle scenes, particularly in this book are epic.

This book can potentially appeal to anyone; it has love, war, friendship, death, magic and heroics all rolled into one. What's not to like?

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